The quality of our service depends on the quality of our people. We are ranked in the upper half of the Top 50 call center service bureaus in the U.S. primarily because of our people. Once candidates qualify to join our team, we listen to them, train them extensively and make sure they are happy at Abacus Communications. We provide our people with top-quality training that helps them develop customer service experience, excellent communication skills and keyboard abilities. We then offer them every incentive to stay, learn and grow with us, so they can continue providing you with the best service possible.

We are highly selective in the recruitment of our agents in order to ensure they embrace our philosophy and customer service values. We seek people who take pride in the quality of their work, in the efficiency of their actions and in the courtesy of their speech.

We know that the people who speak with your customers are a direct reflection on your business, so we make sure that they represent you in a professional, knowledgeable manner. Our agents are required to complete a thorough screening successfully, along with verbal and written testing that demonstrates competency in all areas.

We maintain multiple levels of supervisory staff. We have seasoned “mentors” who help all new agents provide optimal customer service. Our agent-to-supervisor ratio is significantly lower than the industry standard. We monitor call processes in real time. Furthermore, our management consistently reviews statistics to ensure we handle all calls efficiently and promptly.

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